2018-2024 Strategic Plan

  • Using the mission, vision, and Portrait of a Graduate statements as our foundation, the district will focus on goals outlined in the strategic plan.

    • Start with Why
    • Sharing the How Behind the Work
    • Explaining What
  • Start with Why

    WDMCS focuses on the mission, vision, and portrait of a graduate—these are the motivations and values that drive our work.

    • End Goal #1: Each student ready for post-secondary education.
      Ensuring that WDMCS students will possess the skills and dispositions to explore post-high school graduation education and internships, including academic, technical, and/or experiential opportunities for professional development.
    • End Goal #2: Each student ready for careers.
      Equipping WDMCS students to enter into a highly complex, diverse, and evolving workforce.
    • End Goal #3: Each student ready for life.
      Endowing WDMCS students with the grit and perseverance to tackle and achieve their goals through a growth mindset that empowers them to approach their future with confidence and the social and emotional skills they will need for success in the future.
  • How Behind the Work

    We align the people in our system to engage in continuous improvement to support student learning.
    We believe if district services provide…effective leadership, quality teaching and learning support, system-wide improvement, and clear and collaborative relationships.

    the building administrators will…serve as excellent instructional leaders,

    help teachers…provide quality instruction in every classroom every day for every student.

    So that all students will…achieve high levels of learning and be ready for postsecondary learning, careers, and life.

  • Explaining What

    We focus on our strategic goals.

    Goal #1

    Ensure the academic success for each student by integrating and improving strategies for powerful teaching and learning.

    Goal #2

    Ensure the academic success for each student by managing and improving effective operations of the district.

    Goal #3

    Ensure the academic success for each student by collaborating and communicating with stakeholders.


  • Priority Six

    1. Iowa Core Standards: Defines what students know and be able to do.
    2. Danielson Framework: Defines instructional work to get the outcomes we need.
    3. Effective Grading Practices: Defines achievement relative to course standards/competencies.
    4. Deep Equity Framework: Defines culturally responsive principles and practices to create the environment we need. 
    5. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Job-embedded Professional Learning (TLC): The process we engage in collaboratively and additional professional growth supports to ensure student growth.
    6. Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS): The focus on individual students to meet each student’s unique path towards success.
Last Modified on March 15, 2021