Student Parking

  • Students in all grades may drive their vehicles to school. To park your vehicle at Valley, you must fill out the Parking Form each year and then see Mr. Adams to receive your physical parking sticker.

    Fill Out Parking Request

    Some details to know about parking:
    • Place the parking hangtag on the rearview mirror of your vehicle so it’s visible from the outside. You are responsible for putting the hangtag in the car you are driving that day.
    • Sophomores may ONLY park in the church lot in the UPPER LEVEL, which is the NORTH end of the parking lot. Juniors and Seniors may park in the VHS lot. If the VHS lot is full, park in the church lot.
    • Student parking is in YELLOW LINES only. WHITE LINES indicate staff parking spots. Any student found parking in staff lots more than three times will be towed.
    • There is NO PARKING in visitor spots or handicap spots unless you have a handicap tag. Any student found parking in visitor or handicap spots more than three times will be towed.
    • Parking violations are $20 per incident. After four or more violations, your fine is doubled to $40, and you will also receive a mandatory Saturday school.
    • If a Junior or Senior hangtag is found in the possession of a Sophomore, BOTH students involved will lose parking privileges for two weeks, and BOTH with will receive a $20 fine.
    • Any student found damaging any school parking area (including the church lot) will immediately lose their parking privileges for the entire year.
    • Any car without a valid hangtag found parking in a Valley parking lot more than three times WILL BE TOWED.
Last Modified on February 2, 2021