High School Physical Education Courses

  • Course Information

    By the end of high school, the learner will be college- or career-ready, as demonstrated by the ability to plan and implement different types of personal fitness programs; demonstrate competency in two or more lifetime activities; describe key concepts associated with successful participation in physical activity; model responsible behavior while engaged in physical activity; and engage in physical activities that meet the need for self-expression, challenge, social interaction and enjoyment. All students will be required to obtain 4 credits of P.E. as a requirement for graduation. Students who are enrolled in Physical Education daily will receive 1 credit and those enrolled every other day will receive .5 credit per semester. Exemptions will be granted in accordance with law and policy. Letter grades will be assigned and included in the grade point average.

    Classes in orange are available for Valley Southwoods students.

  • P.E. Standards

  • P.E. Waivers

  • Main Physical Education Courses

  • Advanced Strength Training and Conditioning

  • Basic Strength Training and Conditioning

  • CPR/AED (Blended Instruction)

  • Lifeguarding (Blended Instruction)

  • Triathlon Training

  • Wellness Courses

Last Modified on May 11, 2021