WDMCS Budget Packages Webinar

You are invited to view a webinar hosted by district leadership to provide a summary of the committee’s work and present the top three budget reduction packages. A survey link will be available for community members to vote on their preferred package. A recording of the webinar and the survey link will be posted on the WDMCS website Friday, Feb. 19.

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Budget Reduction Process Update

We shared in a previous We are ALL WDMCS newsletter about the need to reduce the budget by $2.5-3.5 million for 2021-22 school year. Since then, a committee of nearly 60 students, staff, parents, and community members have been meeting via Zoom to develop budget packages for the Board of Education to consider, and subsequently vote on, in early March.

The committee met four times and finalized their recommendations Thursday, Feb. 11. Throughout the process, they learned more about public education funding, reviewed initial budget packages provided to them as a starting point, and worked in small groups to develop their own budget packages for consideration. At the final meeting the committee voted on all of the packages. The top three packages will be presented at this webinar.