WDMCS Winter Weather Alert

WDMCS On-Site Classes Transitioning to Online Friday, Jan. 15

Due to severe weather conditions, all on-site WDMCS classes will transition to online Friday, Jan. 15.

Employees designated to report to work when schools are closed should do so according to established procedures.

For both online and on-site students, this announcement means:

  • All classes that you would have attended at school will be held virtually. Bus transportation will not run due to safety concerns. ALL students will access instruction online.
  • Log into Canvas for additional instructions. 
  • Elementary students: view sample schedule based on your grade (no related arts)
  • Secondary students: view sample schedule based on your grade (morning classes; afternoon independent learning)
  • Finals will still take place as scheduled. Teachers will communicate details to their students. 
  • No school-related evening activities will be held.
  • Tiger Cubs will learn online. If you are a preschool parent in a non-district building, please contact that facility.
  • Kids West child care is closed.
  • No Community Education classes, activities, and programs will be held. This includes LEARNwest and Adventures classes, Kids West, and all facility use. All Community Education programs and services follow the decision of WDMCS for weather-related closings.
  • No meals will be served. For updated menus, please check the district menu webpage at www.wdmcs.org/departments/nutrition/menu. 
  • No transportation services will be provided, including out-of-district services. 
  • The Learning Resource Center and Operations building will be open.
  • (Note the following school-specific schedule updates:)

For WDMCS employees, this announcement means:

  • The Learning Resource Center will be open.
  • The Operations building will be open.
  • Employees designated to report to work when schools are closed should do so according to established procedures.

Debido a las malas condiciones del tiempo, todas las clases en lugar de las Escuelas de la Comunidad de West Des Moines se llevarán a cabo en línea el viernes 15 de enero.

Si usted tiene a un/a niño/a en una escuela preescolar que no es del distrito, por favor póngase en contacto con esa escuela.

Los empleados designados a reportarse al trabajo cuando las escuelas están cerradas lo deben hacer de acuerdo a los procedimientos establecidos.

Nikhua a chiattuk caah, WDMCS  mipum kaimi poh, online in Friday, Jan. 15 cu kai asi lai 

  • Sianginn building vialte khar a si lai.
  • Online in kai dih a si lai
  • Siangngakchia cu Chromebook hmangin Canvas ah luh a si lai, Online schedule zulh cio a si lai.
  • Program dangdang a um lailo.
  • Preschool class khar a si. Na fa hmun dangah preschool a kaimi a um ahcun a kainak sianginn kai le kailo hlat ding asi lai.
  • Kids West khar asi.
  • Sianginn rawl a um lai lo.
  • Bus a um lai lo.