WATCH: Walnut Creek Campus Receives Carrie Chapman Catt Award

Walnut Creek Campus officially accepted the Carrie Chapman Catt Award from Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate on Monday, Dec. 14, to begin the virtual WDMCS Board of Education regular business meeting.

Pate encouraged high schools across Iowa to conduct voter registration drives during the 2019-20 school year. Every school that registered at least 90 percent of its eligible students to vote qualified for an award. The award is named after Carrie Chapman Catt, an Iowan who was instrumental in securing passage of the 19th Amendment and granting women access to the ballot box 100 years ago.

“I can’t say enough how significant this is, and it compliments your school when you look at the hundreds of school districts across the state,” Secretary Pate said during the award presentation. “When we launched this effort, we clearly wanted to bring our young people into the process of our democracy and we were very pleased with this first year.”


Photo of the Carrie Chapman Catt Award. Photo courtesy: Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate

Walnut Creek Campus was one of 18 Iowa high schools to receive the honor. In fact, Walnut Creek Campus was one of nine schools to have qualified for the award leading up to a statewide high school voter registration day in March.

Walnut Creek Campus Principal Kim Davis, Ed.D., alongside teachers Alexander Hammer and Ted Van Deventer and counselor Leah Lingren, accepted the award in a virtual “hand-off” over Zoom. Davis and Hammer thanked Secretary Pate for the opportunity to engage Walnut Creek Campus students.

“We have our Portrait of a Graduate at West Des Moines and being a citizen who feels like they’re actively engaged and prepared to be part of the community is what we’re trying to do here,” Hammer said. “Having this as a goal to work toward with my senior class last year was really a fruitful endeavor. The most satisfying part was getting feedback from students about how they participated in the Iowa Caucuses or how they voted in November — and voted across the political spectrum, which makes me feel like I’m doing my job as well.”

Congratulations, Walnut Creek Campus!