Supporting Online Learners During Assessments 

Online learners will soon begin taking more assessments online. This could include universal screeners given three times a year, progress monitoring data collection, unit exams, and other assessments. Some of these assessments support West Des Moines Community Schools’ ability to adjust your students’ instruction to best meet their needs.

To honor the integrity of these assessments, WDMCS needs your support to ensure the results are reflecting your students’ best efforts. Students must do their own work when they are taking assessments online. Parent/guardians and other caring adults should not help their students with any assessments.

Remember: It is important for teachers to see what students are able to do on their own so they can provide the best instruction. It can be hard as a parent or guardian to watch your student struggle. But this struggle is important when they are learning.

Learn about other ways you can support your students’ learning in the video above!