WDMCS Recommends No Changes

WDMCS Recommends No Changes to Current Learning Environments

In a special Board of Education meeting held Monday, Aug. 31, district leadership shared an update with the Board of Education on positive COVID-19 case data within the district and examined in-depth the demographics of the 10+% population impacted within Polk County.

Based on the current data, district leadership recommended making NO CHANGES to the current on-site and online learning environment plans. The district will:

  • Continue to monitor data.
    • WDMCS student absenteeism percentages (10% or more increase in Average Daily Attendance)
    • Iowa 0-17 age percentages (currently 7%)
    • WDMCS staff/department absenteeism
  • Continue current mitigation strategies.
  • Continue to transition learning environments for individuals and/or classrooms impacted by COVID-19 cases.
  • Continue to collaborate with Polk County Health Department.

View Data Summary and Recommendation (pdf)

The Board discussed additional strategies to encourage social distancing by shifting furniture in classrooms and adjusting passing period times at the high schools. Superintendent Dr. Lisa Remy shared both strategies are under review by building administrators and staff to continue improving the on-site learning environment safety protocols.

The Board supported Superintendent Remy’s recommendations. Board members also suggested reserving every Monday as a placeholder in case the Board needs to convene to discuss COVID-19 data and/or make any time-sensitive decisions for transitioning between learning environments.