Iowa art scholarship valley winners 2020

Drake, Gedler Receive $1,500 Scholarships Through Iowa Arts Council

Congratulations to Valley High School seniors Aidan Drake and Aviana Gedler, who both earned scholarships through the Iowa Arts Council.

The pair of Valley students were awarded with the Iowa Scholarship for the Arts, which is worth $1,500. The scholarships are given annually to Iowa high school seniors with proven ability in dance, creative writing, music, theater, traditional arts, or visual arts who plan to major in the arts at an Iowa college or university.

Drake plans to major in art education and attend the University of Iowa, she told Jeff Morgan of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs (Iowa Culture).

“My elementary and high school art teachers have shown me the joy art can bring and have instilled a passion for creating that I will never forget,” Drake said. “I want to be that person for kids in the future, to do my best to teach the wonders of art and show children their full potential when it comes to their creative minds.”

Gedler plans to major in professional music and attend Southwestern Community College in Creston. She told Iowa Culture that she wants to perform or sing with an orchestra while working as a music teacher.

“The more I can learn, like being able to write vocal charts, use equipment in a recording studio, comp (accompany) easily on piano, or play in a chamber string group, the easier it will be for me to adapt to a changing world of music careers,” Gedler said.

Congratulations, Aidan and Aviana!

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