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Official WDMCS Plan for Continuous Learning

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced that Iowa schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Earlier this month, the Iowa Department of Education (IDOE) outlined three options for school districts to choose from for continuous learning. Districts are required to submit their choice by Friday, April 10.

  1. No continuous learning at home. The days would be made up once school reopens and must be completed by June 30.
  2. Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities. This provides continuous learning opportunities at home. This is not required learning, and grades will not be given for completed work. Missed days do not need to be made up under this plan.
  3. Required Educational Services. Continuous learning at home. Grades are given and attendance is taken. Missed days do not need to be made up under this plan.

WDMCS’ Plan: Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities

To provide the best possible opportunities for all of our students, WDMCS will transition to Option 2. Under this plan, the IDOE allows school districts flexibility on how to affirm students are learning the necessary materials to successfully complete the grade level and/or course. This provides additional protection to students during this unprecedented time. Teachers can offer new content that has not yet been covered and provide feedback to students, but not associate a grade to specific coursework. Although this plan is voluntary, we highly encourage students to regularly complete practice to be prepared for the next course or grade level. This feedback loop will help teachers, students, and parents understand what materials students should practice and how to alleviate any learning gaps as they move to the next grade level for 2020-21.

Learn what this looks like for our elementary students

Learn what this looks like for our secondary students

We will continue to provide families weekly updates. Thank you for being a part of our WDMCS family. We miss you!