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Coronavirus Update: WDMCS Plans After Spring Break

APRIL 17 UPDATE: Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced that Iowa schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.

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With spring break starting for students Friday, March 13, we wish to update West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) staff and families on our plans for cleaning and answer questions related to virtual learning or temporarily closing our schools.

We acknowledge the recent news that Des Moines Public Schools will remain closed until Monday, March 30. Upon guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), we believe it is currently in the best interest of our families and staff to resume school as planned Monday, March 23.

What Would Cause WDMCS to Close?

We will continue to partner with IDPH and follow their standard protocol for reportable illnesses. This may result in a need to close a specific building or even the entire district.

Because many of our families rely on WDMCS childcare and nutritional resources, we would prefer NOT to close our schools as a preventative step. We also understand that if we close schools, this does not mean students would stay at home. We are collaborating with city managers to determine the larger impact on our community if we should close.

Virtual Learning

At this time virtual/online learning is not an option for Iowa K-12 school districts. Legislative action must occur to allow districts to offer virtual learning. WDMCS also does not currently have the resources to adequately and equitably provide virtual learning to all our students. Only students in grades 3-12 have been provided Chromebooks by the district. In addition, not all WDMCS families have internet access for students to complete schoolwork at home. 

Current Iowa K-12 education is very different than many colleges who are transitioning to virtual learning after spring break. 

What if a Family Chooses to Keep Students Home?

Families who choose to keep their students home beyond spring break should communicate directly with each school. Staff will work to provide resources just as they would if the student was absent for any other reason.

Would School Days Need Made Up?

At this time we cannot fully anticipate if or how missed school days would need to be made up should our district need to temporarily close. We will continue to update families and staff on this topic.

Building Cleaning

All WDMCS buildings will undergo a deep cleaning process during spring break which includes:

  • Clorox 360 spray system treatment in all buildings
  • Refilling all hand sanitizer and soap dispensers
  • Refilling all disinfectant bottles in classrooms 
  • Deep cleaning all building “touchpoints” such as door handles, desks, etc.
  • Deep cleaning restrooms 

Additional dusting and carpet shampooing will take place once primary disinfecting is complete.

We will update you on any new information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and support in helping prevent the spread of viruses by following these simple steps.

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