Making Monsters: Valley Students Create Custom Monster Friends for Kindergarten Class

Some kindergartners may fear the monster under the bed, but thanks to a popular book and some Valley High School students, one class at Western Hills Elementary has befriended their monsters. The students in Ms. Kane’s class at Western Hills got a monstrous surprise Dec. 12 when students from Valley High School’s Family, Consumer, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapter gifted them their very own monsters, based on designs the kindergartners had customized.

Valley Students Create Monster Friends for Kindergarten ClassIn November, the high schoolers visited Western Hills to read “I Need My Monster” with the kindergarten class. The high school students then paired up with the kindergarten students and helped them draw and name their own monsters. The FCCLA students spent a month bringing the monsters to life, creating stuffed versions of each monster to give back to the kindergartners.

The scene was far from frightening when the students opened their gifts. Bright eyes, grins, and exclamations filled the room as the kindergartners met their real-life monsters, re-created in painstaking detail. After thanking the high schoolers, the kindergartners read “I Need My Monster” again, then introduced their monsters to the class and got to take a closer look at their classmates’ new friends.

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