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ISASP State Test Results Coming Soon to Families 

In spring 2019, West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) students in grades 3-11 took the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) for the first time. The new state test replaces the former Iowa Assessments. Students in grades 3-11 (in spring 2019) took the English language arts and math tests, and students in grades 5, 8, and 10 also took the science test. 

Schools will send ISASP results home with students the week of Nov. 18. A parent/guardian letter will come with the results to help families understand the new test and report. Families can also access this helpful resource online now to learn more about what scores mean and how they can use the reports to support their child’s learning.

ISASP Family Resources

Remember, the results are intended to assist schools and districts with improvement planning. Talk with your child’s teacher or teachers to gather a broader view of how your child is doing in school.

If your child was not enrolled in WDMCS last spring, the district will not automatically receive their ISASP results, and you will need to contact the school they attended last year.
If your child no longer attends WDMCS, and you would like your results forwarded to you, please use the form below to request results.

Request ISASP Results

The ISASP was developed to more accurately reflect what is being taught in Iowa classrooms and how students are progressing toward the grade-level expectations outlined in Iowa’s academic standards. Because ISASP is more aligned to Iowa standards, it is more challenging compared to previous state assessments. This year’s results set a baseline for future results and should not be compared to previous years’ results. 

Learn more about the ISASP at

Questions about ISASP or your child’s results? Please reach out to:

  • Your child’s teacher
  • Your school principal
  • Mike Sherman, data management director, 515-633-5197