Seniors Honors Evening graphic

Class of 2019 Honors Evening FAQ

We’re delighted to celebrate class of 2019 students at our Senior Honors Evening event on Wednesday, May 22 at 7 p.m. The event will be held in the Phyllis Staplin Performing Arts Center at Valley. 


Who receives an invitation?
Any student who will be recognized during the evening is mailed a blue postcard invitation.

Can anyone attend?
Yes. All Valley seniors and their families are welcome to attend, though only those who will be recognized receive the postcard invitation.

What recognition will there be?
Valley Administration and community members will recognize accomplishments in National Merit competition, Advanced Placement (AP) awards, ACT Testing, DMACC degrees and certifications, various scholarships and awards presented by community members, Silver Cord awards and scholarships from the West Des Moines Student Scholarship Fund.

If my student received a scholarship, should I let the Counseling Center know?
Valley students are highly accomplished and will receive many scholarships from organizations and the post-secondary schools they’ll attend. To keep the length of the evening reasonable only those scholarships given by organizations that contacted Valley directly, and presented by the organization that evening, will be included in the program.

Can I find out for what my student will be recognized?
Generally, yes. Though some awards will be a surprise to recipients, Polly Maly, Counseling Secretary, can generally let you know. You can reach her at 515-633-4210 or

What if my student is invited, but can’t attend?
Attendance is not mandatory, but it’s helpful to know if a student will not be able to attend so we can alert presenters. Awards not given out Wednesday evening will be distributed to students at graduation rehearsal the next morning.

What should my student wear?
There is no specific dress code, but when asked we tell students to dress appropriately for a special occasion. Young ladies often wear tasteful summer dresses and young men often wear long pants other than jeans.

How long is the evening?
Every effort is made to keep the evening to a reasonable length, approximately two hours, though it could run longer.

What if my question wasn’t answered above?
Please contact MacKenzie Gersdorf, Counselor, at or Polly Maly, Counseling Secretary, at