Poster for Valley 2018 fall play, "The Rimers of Eldritch."

Valley High School Presents “The Rimers of Eldritch”

Valley High School students rehearse "The Rimers of Eldritch."

Valley High School students rehearse “The Rimers of Eldritch.”

Valley High School’s Performing Arts Department presents “The Rimers of Eldritch,” a play examining life in small-town Missouri during a moral crisis.

By Lanford Wilson, “The Rimers of Eldritch” is the portrait of a former mining town—”population about 70″—where people who do not conform to their neighbors’ expectations live in isolation and have no systems of support for mental health. Over the course of a year, a man is murdered and a woman tried for it, lovers come together and fall apart, bored teenagers search for adventure and escape, and families hide conflicts behind closed doors. Their stories blend together seamlessly in a nonlinear collage of events, relationships, and secrets. 

Photos: “Rimers of Eldritch” Dress Rehearsal

The play features senior Nick Ellis as Robert Conklin, junior Isabella Ksiazak as Eva Jackson, senior Alison Hisel as Evelyn Jackson, senior Olivia Allard as Nelly Windrod, and senior Josie Williamson as Mary Windrod. More than 150 Valley High School students and staff make up the rest of the cast and crew, with junior Lauren Anderson as head stage manager, senior Ashlan Simpson as master carpenter and senior Kenny Epstein as master electrician. A full cast and crew list can be found below.

Performances are at 7 p.m. on Nov. 2 and 3, and at 2 p.m. on Nov. 4, in the Staplin Performing Arts Center, Valley High School, 3650 Woodland Ave., West Des Moines. Tickets are $7 and $10, and can be purchased through MIDWESTIX at or by calling 515-244-2771.

This play is produced with special permission from Dramatists Play Service.  It is recommended for mature audiences due to intense scenes.

Cast & Crew

Full Cast & Crew List PDF


Robert Conklin: Nick Ellis (Understudy: Michael Cunningham)

Eva Jackson: Isabella Ksiazak (Understudy: Ollie Smith)

Evelyn Jackson: Alison Hisel (Understudy: Aisling Hallahan)

Nelly Windrod: Olivia Allard (Understudy: Kaitlyn Forney)

Mary Windrod: Josie Williamson (Understudy: Ella Bishop)

Patsy Johnson: Lindsay Amundson (Understudy: Abby Bishop)

Mavis Johnson: Mekhia Hillgren (Understudy: Abbie Clark)

Peck Johnson: AJ Bleskacek (Understudy: Joe Maxwell)

Josh Johnson: Sammy Stevens (Understudy: Gabe Pruneda)

Lena Truit: Riley Heil (Understudy: Alexa Chequer)

Martha Truit: Lizzie Brackett (Understudy: Avery Redford)

Wilma Atkins: Caitlyn Potter (Understudy: Mia Wells)

Skelly Mannor: Alex Matthews (Understudy: Hunter Khongmaly)

Preacher/Judge: Cole Stephenson (Understudy: Jack Renda)

Cora Groves: Skylar Vandenbosch (Understudy: Olivia Brown)

Walter: Eric Amundson (Understudy: Gavin Beedon)

A Trucker: Andrew Voggesser (Understudy: Nathan Gass)

Patsy’s Girls: Abbie Clark, Maya Knudsen, Miriam Schiess, Zoey Tucker, Ellie Whisler, Rachel Wrenn

Josh’s Boys: Isaiah Aldiano, Joey Furnald, Quince Harding, Gunner Hawthorne, Clayton Stein, Cole Strelecki

Church Choir: Lanie Anthan, Ella Bishop, Brooke Boddicker, Claire Burnett, Alexa Cheguer, Allison Cook, Chloe Edwards, Kaitlyn Forney, Mary Thomas, Mia Wells

High School Boys: Hans Bunn, Michael Cunningham, Hunter Khongmaly, Joe Maxwell, Suraj Moorjani, Jack Renda

Sheriff: Conner Smith

Deputies: Gabe Ferren, Michael Sbrocco

Farmers: Ethan Hansen, Sam Mccune, Jake Stegman, Andrew Vandeberg

Truckers: Edmond Falk, Justin Graves, Nikolas Kemp

Congregation/Court: Abby Bishop, Francesca Cannon, Huda Kocher, Mackenzie Ludwig, Avery Redford, Alana Scherer, Sahithi Shankaiahgari, Allison Venegas, Hope Walker

Store Owners: T.J. Edge, Hannah Grable, Skyla Manna, Sydney Mixon

Teacher: Sierra Gilbert

Class: Gavin Beedon, Olivia Brown, Cate Dolphin, Nathan Gass, Aisling Hallahan, Max Johnson, Quinn Kelly, Gabe Pruneda, Ollie Smith

Mailman: Bryce Stewart

Milkman: Lawrence Byerly

Waitresses: Whisper Arbs, Emilee Tilton

Café Customers: Ben Connolly, Zane Coughennower, Charlotte Koufer, Sadie Knudsen, Owen Lerg, Halle Madigan, Grace Olsen, Arya Ramos, Gwen Sobrado, Maya Williams


Director: Stacy Hansen

Assistant Director: Linda Crose

Technical Director: Amanda Pichler

Assistant Technical Director: Darin Webb

Head Stage Manager: Lauren Anderson

Assistant Stage Managers: Connor Bach, Sophia Vratsinas

Head Production manager: Addie Frohardt

Head Production Assistants: Connor McCarville, Nora Raine

Camp Crew (Costumes, Advertising, Make-Up, Props)

Makeup Captains: Ivy Mckinley, Claire Wiarda

Makeup Assistants: Lasnetta Devine, Alli Long

Rah Rah/Potluck Organizers: Bella Cribari, Alexandra Schuster

Intermission Coordinator: Robbie Hanson

Props Engineers: Escher Hiatt, Austin Jetter

Camp Artists: Grace Dong, Addie Frohardt, Ashley Perez

Costume Organizers: Monia Ali, Katie Patterson

Playbill/Advertising Assistants: Emily Lindner, Evie Perez, Sophia Valencia

Food Coordinators: Destiny Booth, Jacob Smith

Usher Coordinator: Katie Grilli

Tech. Crew (Lights, Set, Sound)

Master Carpenter: Ashlan Simpson

Assistant Master Carpenters: Isaiah Aldiano, Don Dewaay, Cole Stephenson

Master Paint Charge: Marina Fredregill

Assistant Master Paint Charges: Hadley Abbas, Olivia Allard, Maddy Shumaker

Master Electrician: Kenny Epstein

Assistant Master Electricians: Zak Fleishman, Skylar Manna, Emmy Richardson

Light Board Operator: Emerson Porter

Sound Board Operator: Ethan Ampton

Carpenters: Ethan Ampton, Lawrence Byerly, Ena Moreno, Emerson Porter, Ollie Smith, Clayton Stein, Ally Venegas

Painters: Brooke Boddicker, Aquaria Dayton, Emma De Jong, Summer Decamp, Cate Dolphin, Riley Heil, Jordan Kazeze, Abby Kilpatrick, Isabella Ksiazak, Skylar Manna, Makyah Merrifield, Emerson Porter, Avery Redford, Sahithi Shankaiahgari, Emily Schnoor, Emilee Tilton, Ally Venegas, Ellie Whisler

Electricians: Ethan Ampton, Chloe Ancell, Lawrence Byerly, Summer Decamp, Sofia Haverman, Katie Hightower, Jordan Kazeze, Andrea Li, Lillie Rayburn, Avery Redford, Bryan Stewart, RJ Wallace