Secure Entrances Installed at All WDMCS Elementary Schools

New entrances were installed at all eight West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) elementary buildings this summer. Modifications to the entrances include a double-door locked entry and require all visitors to access the school through the main office.

To help us support student safety, please take the following steps when visiting WDMCS elementary schools:

  1. Press the intercom button at the main doors. The front office will answer.
  2. State your name and the reason for your visit, then enter the secure vestibule when the doors unlock.
  3. Wait in the vestibule for the second door to unlock. This door leads directly into the main office.
  4. Present your valid, state-issued ID for Raptor screening.
  5. Get your Raptor visitor sticker and start your visit to your school!

Thank you for your commitment to keeping students safe when you visit WDMCS schools.

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