Demolition Begins at Elementary Buildings for Secure Entrances

All eight of West Des Moines Community Schools’ elementary buildings are currently under construction.

On June 4, demolition began in order to install secured entrances at WDMCS’ elementary schools. The WDMCS Board of Education approved plans submitted by Shive-Hattery Architects and Engineers at the March 19 board meeting.

Modifications to the entrances include a double-door locked entry, with access through the office. All construction is slated to be completed prior to the 2018-19 school year.

Contractors are already on-site at Crestview School of Inquiry, Crossroads Park, Jordan Creek, and Westridge. Construction at these schools will last until August 10-17.

Crews will be at Clive Learning Academy and Western Hills on June 11. Construction at these schools is scheduled to be completed by July 27.

Fairmeadows and Hillside will begin its process on June 18, and construction at these schools will be completed by July 20.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Christine Maduro, Director of Operations, at 515-633-5114 or

Check often throughout the summer for updates. You can also view photos of the construction at schools here.

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