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WDMCS Student Walkout Planned April 20

In the weeks following the Florida school shooting tragedy, WDMCS students have increased their dialogue with staff and each other about gun violence. The March for Our Lives movement that is sweeping the country has been part of this ongoing conversation.

A group of Valley High School students has organized a peaceful walkout scheduled for April 20 at 2:14 p.m. They wish to honor the 17 students killed earlier this year in the Parkland shootings by holding a 17-minute walk out. Students in other buildings are also coordinating a walkout that day. Many of the original marches across the country were scheduled during our spring break so the April date was selected by students.

While this is not a district-sponsored event, we wish to support the students’ efforts to participate in a peaceful civil response to a national issue. School administrators, staff, and school resource officers will be on hand to monitor the events and ensure safety. However, the staff is not officially participating in these demonstrations as it is important for all WDMCS personnel to remain neutral.

We are also encouraging parents to talk with their students and share any concerns if their students desire to participate. Media may be present to provide their local angle to the story.

We appreciate the thoughtful planning and communication our student body has done to prepare for their response to the March for Our Lives movement. Thank you for the support you provide our students to possess the skills, knowledge, creativity, sense of self-worth, and values necessary to thrive in and contribute to a diverse and changing world.

Lisa Remy, Ed.D.