A graphic for the Benefits Enrollment from May 1 to May 18

Benefits Enrollment Period Starts Tuesday, May 1

The annual enrollment period for medical/prescription drug, flexible spending accounts, and supplemental insurance will be held May 1-18, 2018. This is your opportunity to make changes to your employee benefits. Everyone should log into BCEnroll (download log in directions) and verify their benefits. Any changes will be effective starting July 1, 2018.

Important Dates

May 1: Benefits Enrollment Period Begins
May 7: Benefits Enrollment Meetings Begin
May 18: Annual Enrollment Period Ends
July 1: 2018-19 Benefit Changes Take Effect

Did you know…?

West Des Moines Community Schools medical and prescription drug rates are driven by our member claims? For the seventh year in a row, our district medical and dental rates are not changing, even though increases were suggested by Wellmark and Delta Dental. There will be a slight increase in vision benefit rates this year.

Benefits Updates for 2018-19

  1. Everyone will be receiving new ID Cards from Wellmark. Old cards will no longer work after July 1, 2018. This is due to Wellmark changing their claim system.
  2. Wellmark implemented a smart opioid management system for all members on April 1, 2018. This will not affect members who are currently on opioids. It will limit new opioid prescriptions to a seven-day supply, limit quantity, and will require step therapy.
  3. Wellmark will offer Blue Distinction Centers for Specialty Care for bariatric surgery, cardiac care, knee and hip replacements, maternity care, spine surgery, and transplants. These centers have lower readmission rates and lower complication rates than other facilities.
  4. We are adding Doctors on Demand virtual visits for doctor services. A member can call 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The doctors are board-certified, and the cost is a $5 copay instead of $15. You can use Doctors on Demand for cold/flu, bronchitis and sinus infection, UTI, sore throats, allergies, fever, headache, pink eye, skin conditions, and psychology visits.


Annual Enrollment Information

To start your annual enrollment process, log into BCEnroll and verify your benefits. Any changes will be effective starting July 1, 2018.

2018-19 Benefits Enrollment Guide

Benefit Rate Sheet 2018-19

Employee Benefit Meeting Schedule

  • Meetings begin on May 7.

NOTICE TO 9-10 MONTH EMPLOYEES: Changes in benefits will be reflected on your Oct. 5, 2018, paycheck. This may result in additional premiums for July and August or refunds in premium if applicable.

Medical/Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision Coverage

You will be able to

  • add or remove dependents on your medical insurance;
  • change your medical plan from Plan 1, 2, or 3; or
  • remove dependents from your dental and vision plans (you cannot add).

Insurance changes will take effect July 1, 2018. This includes any changes made by the employee and any actual coverage level changes. Please review the following benefit comparison documents to determine which plan best meets your needs:

Benefit Rate Sheet 2018-19

Medical/Prescription Drug Benefit Comparison Sheet

Dental Benefit Summary

Vision Benefit Summary 

Based on the plan you choose, there could be cash back based on the district’s contribution to insurance. The cash back will be returned to the employee in their paycheck with IPERS applied to it and will be subject to all withholding taxes. Please note: Our rates have continued to run flat; there will be no increase in premiums for 2018-19.

Want to know what plans the district offers? Get information from the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (Plans 1, 2, & 3) or by contacting the Benefits Adviser Kris Craig in the Benefits Office at 515-633-5076 or craigk@wdmcs.org.

Flexible (Flex) Medical & Dependent Care Reimbursement

This benefit is recommended for employees who have medical expenses, such as

  • co-insurance or co-payments,
  • dental,
  • eyeglasses,
  • prescription drugs, and  
  • child care costs for daycare (Dependent Care Reimbursement).

You must sign up each year for flex benefits, and you must use the money during the plan year—July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019—with a two and a half month grace period until Sept. 15, 2019.

The flex debit card option will allow members to instantly pay for qualified purchases (other than dependent care) from your flexible spending account, but you may be asked to substantiate the charges.

Flex 2018 Enrollment Brochure (with flex card information)

Flex 2017-18 Electronic Reimbursement Form

Money is taken out of your paycheck before taxes are withheld and placed in your account throughout the year. Your taxable income is reduced, which results in more take-home pay for you.

The maximum amount for unreimbursed medical expenses that can be deducted pre-tax has been raised to $2,650 per policyholder per calendar year. Dependent care maximum is the IRS limit of $5,000 per family per calendar year and can be split between two parents.

To check your current flex enrollment status, please:

  • Call 1-800-300-9691.
  • Visit https://kabelparticipant.lh1ondemand.com.
    • Existing user—Your username will be: First name initial, last name, last four digits of your social security number (example: Jane Doe Social Security Number 123-45-6789. JDoe6789).
    • New users—Your first-time password will be changeit.
    • Please send any questions you have to flexteam@kablebiz.com.

If you should choose flex benefits, you will be asked which category you are in:

  • Cycle 1: Certified Staff (24-Pay, Semi-Monthly)
  • Cycle 2: 9-10 Month Employees (Support Staff, 16-Pay)
  • Cycle 2: 12 Month Employees (Support Staff, 24-Pay, Semi-Monthly)

KABEL Business Services in West Des Moines will continue to be our flex benefits administrator for the 2018-19 year.

Supplemental Life, AD&D, Spouse & Child Life

You may increase supplemental life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance during this enrollment period.

Only employee supplemental life/AD&D can be increased. An additional $10,000 increment may be purchased without underwriting if your current supplemental life/AD&D benefit is less than $100,000. You can purchase up to $500,000, subject to underwriting paperwork which is on BCEnroll website (Evidence of Insurability).

You may also add or increase spouse life insurance, in increments of $5,000 to $250,000, subject to medical underwriting paperwork. Please note: You must have employee supplemental life, AND the spouse benefit can only be 50 percent of the spouse life insurance or less.
Child life insurance may be added in increments of $2,000 to $10,000 with medical underwriting during this enrollment period. Spouse and child life insurance are each limited to 50 percent of your supplemental life election.

Life Insurance FAQ

Life Insurance 16-Pay Period Premiums Document

Life Insurance 24-Pay Period Premiums Document

HIPAA & Other Benefit Notices

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rule was issued to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal health information. The West Des Moines Community Schools is very committed to this law.

In order to best comply with the legislation, we ask that you direct all your personal health questions/claims to the toll-free number on the back of your insurance card. Your insurance carrier is the best source to directly resolve your concerns/questions. Questions regarding HIPAA should be directed to Donna Beerman, the HIPAA compliance officer for the West Des Moines Community Schools, at 515-633-5078.

General Healthcare Benefit Notice

Remember: Benefits Enrollment Period Starts Tuesday, May 1

If you have questions, contact Kris Craig, benefits adviser, at 515-633-5076 or craigk@wdmcs.org.