District Newsletters Going Online

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We all know the feeling: the low-grade apprehension associated with opening your email inbox, especially after a day, or even an hour, away from your computer. Described as “momentous dread” by Google adviser Eric Schmidt, email-related stress was proven to be both emotional and physical in a 2013 study.

So we’re doing you a solid. Starting with our next issues, the West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) district and staff newsletters will stay out of your inbox. Instead, articles will be posted online individually on an ongoing basis so you can read them when it’s convenient for you. Stay up-to-date using these pages on our district website:

  • The Front Page
    • The front page of wdmcs.org is always a great place to find information. It includes highlighted features, our top news stories, upcoming events, and any urgent reminders about things like no school days or weather-related delays.
  • The News Page
    • News items that are for everyone in our district will show up on this page. Browse all kinds of news or go to categories like “Equity,” “Facilities,” and “School Board News.” To see things that will be highlighted for families, watch the “Informaline” category.
  • Your School Page
    • News items, announcements, and reminders specific to certain schools will still show up on each school’s page.
  • The Staff Page
    • Items for employees that would previously have been included in the “We Are the WDMCS” will be featured on the “Staff” page of the website. Visit this page to read about benefits, the wellness program, and other staff-only news.

Newsletters will no longer come to your email inbox or be printed. Make sure to keep up with us at www.wdmcs.org, on Facebook, and on Twitter.