Iowa House Representative Chris Hagenow

Iowa House Representative Shares How to Effect Change

Chris Hagenow

Iowa House Representative Chris Hagenow

Valley Southwoods’ ninth-grade Humanities class welcomed House Majority Leader Chris Hagenow to speak to them on how he effects change through policy and legislation.  Hagenow is serving his fifth term in the Iowa House and often visits schools to educate students on Iowa’s political process. He shared with a Project-Based Learning Network class how anyone—including students—can reach out to their representatives to ask questions, propose a change, or suggest a new bill.

Hagenow also shared how compromise is part of the process in order to effect change for Iowans, and often change comes in several small steps which culminate to pass a bill. “I really like coming up with a little piece of a bill that makes a difference. It’s in the small things that I think I’ve made some progress,” said Hagenow.

In addition to sharing what his day-to-day activities include as a house representative, Hagenow encouraged students who are interested in politics to consider applying to become an Iowa Legislative Page as a junior or senior in high school. This opportunity allows high school students to learn the inside workings of government and lawmaking.

Hagenow concluded the presentation by encouraging students to play a part in making a positive difference in their community.