Front page of WDMCS website

Our New Website

Welcome to the new West Des Moines Community Schools website! We invite you to take some time to explore the new-and-improved site.

In the West Des Moines Community Schools, we promise that every student and family will have a voice—even when it comes to our website. Last spring, we surveyed students, families, employees, and the community to gather data about their use of the district website and their likes and dislikes. Since then, we have been working with digital agency Juicebox Interactive to update the WDMCS website and tailor it to you.

As we reviewed the survey information (see below), looked at our Google Analytics (a tool Google provides to give insights about how users are using the website), and considered the district’s priorities, we were able to set our primary objectives for the new website. These objectives included:

  • Update the website to reflect the district’s brand
  • Make the website accessible to all users
  • Make the website responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • Change the navigation to make information easier to find
  • Speed up the response time
  • Improve the calendar filtering system
  • Review and update all information

We are confident that we met all of our objectives and that the website is now faster, easier to use, and more helpful than ever before. Your feedback inspired the updates we made, so thank you for your input.

A website is never “done,” and over the next couple of months, we will continue working to customize the student, staff and parent landing pages. We have already conducted a student survey to aid in this process, and we will be sending a survey out to staff and families. We encourage you to share your thoughts with us as we value your input.

Website Survey Results 

  • Over 800 people responded to the survey: 522 WDMCS parents or guardians, 266 students, 88 WDMCS employees, and 189 district residents.
  • The results of the overall rating of the current website are as follows: excellent 8.89%, very good 36.42%, good 38.17%, fair 14.39%, and poor 2.13%.
  • Most of our users primarily access the district’s website from a work or home computer (66.58%) or on their cell phone (39.74%).
  • The top reasons people access our website are to view their child’s school website (32.12%), to view the calendar (21.76%), and to view the lunch menu (17.79%). Other answers included: linking to Infinite Campus, connecting to student resources, using the staff directory, or making a payment.   
  • The majority of users access the website once a week or more.
  • The most useful pages are: Calendar, Schools, Staff Directory, Parents page, and Parents tab.
  • Other strong features were the search function and audience pages. Almost 80 percent of users feel that the website contains the information that they need, but 67 percent said information can be hard to find. They also noted the graphic design is not attractive (30.28%) and speed of response is slow (24.04%).
  • Other growth areas included:
    • Calendar—needs better filter and easier to use
    • Lunch accounts—dislike having to go to three different places (menu, view balance, and add funds)
    • Some things seems out of date, especially on the school sites
    • Hard to view the website on a mobile device