No School for Students Oct. 9 While Teachers Collaborate

Students have the day off from school on Monday, Oct. 9, while teachers spend the day learning and collaborating in a variety of ways to improve student achievement.

Canvas logoTeachers serving students in grades 3-12 will be involved in training with Canvas, our district’s online learning system where course information and resources are stored. Teachers will select one of five different workshops related to Canvas usage and will participate in a three-hour block that includes time to work on their courses, all led by an experienced Canvas trainer. The other part of the day will be devoted to building-level professional learning or a continued focus in professional learning communities (PLCs).

Teachers serving students in grades K-2 will be participating in learning around small group reading instruction. The learning this year is committed to inspiring, challenging, and empowering teachers in their reading instruction. This day will provide teachers the opportunity to engage in learning around the use of data to personalize student learning.In addition, some New Tech project-based learning facilitators will be engaging in

Echo logoIn addition, some New Tech project-based learning facilitators will be engaging in learning centered on Echo, the learning management tool supported by New Tech Network, as well as engaging in project development and building professional learning. Some secondary facilitators will also experience a project simulation with the support of community partners from Shive-Hattery and Food Dudes.

Teachers will be able to put their learning directly into action when students come back to school on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Make sure the upcoming professional development dates are on your calendar! Students will not have school on Monday, Jan. 15, Friday, Feb. 19, and Friday, April 27.

Watch our follow-up video, “Adding Tools to the Toolbox.”