Junior High students eating lunch.

Focused on Student Wellness in the WDMCS

The West Des Moines Community Schools is making student health and wellness a top priority. To help guide the district in this effort, the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education recently approved revisions to the district’s wellness policy (Policy 608.1).

These changes focus on districtwide health initiatives, including:

  • providing access to healthy nutritional food and beverage options for all activities within the school day.
  • fostering daily physical activity that embraces a healthy lifestyle.

Classroom Events

Choose snack items from one of the district snack lists for activities during the school day and up to 30 minutes after the last bell.

  • The snack lists are available below to download or as a flyer in your school.
  • Meals at school events must include a fruit or vegetable to align with the district’s wellness policy.

Support Physical Activity

Teachers and staff will support an active, healthy school environment for students.

  • Teachers will seek out physical activity options in place of candy or food rewards.
  • Teachers will not withhold physical activity as a punishment.

Fun Alternatives

Teachers and families can seek creative options when planning classroom events, including
non-food celebrations for birthdays and achievement parties.

  • Start a birthday library where families donate books on their child’s birthday and they get to choose a book to read.
  • Create a list of games involving physical activity that birthday students can choose to play.


Please contact your building principal or email Willow Dye, Nutrition Services Director.

Nutrition Classroom Snack Menu PDF

Nutrition Classroom Snack Order Form PDF