Update on 1:1 in the WDMCS

The WDMCS will provide a Chromebook for every student in grades 3-12 starting in 2017-18. Support, repairs, check-in procedures, and more will be managed using the existing systems that were implemented for the district’s New Tech schools.

To help students care for the Chromebooks, the district will provide a carry case for each student in grades 3-9 and students at Walnut Creek Campus. Valley High School students will have a protective shield instead of a carry case. The district will also pay for accidental damage insurance for each Chromebook.

If families do not want their student to use a Chromebook, they can opt out of taking the device, as long as the student has a personal laptop he or she can bring to school every day.

WDMCS will also use a new system to help students and families manage student learning next year. All non-New Tech courses will move to Canvas, which will store all course files, resources, and assignments online. New Tech courses and schools will continue to use the ECHO software to manage courses.

More information will be provided to families in August.

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