Planning Continues on Renovation of Four Elementary Buildings

Planning continues for the renovation of four elementary next year with construction tentatively scheduled to occur during late spring/summer of 2018.

Shive-Hattery architects have developed preliminary timelines to renovate Clive Learning Academy, Crestview School of Inquiry, Western Hills Elementary, and Westridge Elementary.

The timeline includes creating project designs in May 2017, with construction documents developed during the summer and early fall. The project will be submitted to construction contractors for pricing in the fall.

Through its six-month facility study, Shive-Hattery architects identified these four schools as needing immediate changes to meet the learning needs of students.

In general, this renovation work includes providing more space for Core Plus instruction (English language instruction, extended learning instruction, and more). This timeline offers the best opportunity to receive competitive pricing for the construction work and to avoid disrupting instruction during the school year by scheduling interior work during the summer months.