School Board Reviews Second Phase of Facilities Study

At a special meeting in December, the West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education reviewed the findings of the second phase of an elementary school space utilization study by architects at Shive-Hattery.

The architects further studied how the possible removal of sixth grade and preschool from the elementary schools would affect building space availability and usage. The study also focused on the viability of removing media centers and computer labs, contingent on providing computer devices for each student.

Based on interviews with the leadership teams, teaching staff, and parents from each of the elementary schools, as well as junior high administrators, the architects presented a brief summary of the findings for each school. Those findings included information on the redistribution of areas at each building.

Estimated construction and operational costs were also provided for three different options:

  • Option 1—Relocate Sixth Grade: Provide for Core Plus space, provide secure entrances for elementary and junior high schools, sixth grade moves out of elementary, new 8/9 grade site with shop/makerspace and field house would be $83.8 million with $1.15 million ongoing operational costs.
  • Option 2—Sixth Grade Remains: Secure entries, flex spaces, and renovations would be $53.5 million with $389,015 ongoing operational costs
  • Option 3—Add Flex Space to Existing Elementaries: additional square footage for flex space would be $82.4 million with $650,645 ongoing operational costs.

It was also noted that a new preschool center would be an estimated $9.34 million in construction costs and $1.0 million in operational costs.

The next step is to compare these estimates with the district’s 10-Year Facilities Plan budget. For more information and background on the district’s facilities plan, please visit