Level Up! Project-Based Learning Coming to Valley Southwoods

Next year, project-based learning is expanding into Valley Southwoods Freshman High School as it introduces its first “school-within-a-school.”

New Tech Project-Based Learning

Three students build robotic arms their project-based learning class.

All incoming ninth-grade students will be part of Valley Southwoods Ninth Grade High School, but some can choose to be part of a project-based learning environment.

Project-Based Learning

Through authentic, community-based projects and problem-based experiences, students will collaborate with their peers and business and city leaders to make an impact on our community.

Teachers design complex, authentic challenges that engage students, require them to demonstrate mastery of knowledge, and foster written and oral communication skills.

All Valley Southwoods students will have access to the same curriculum, but the school-within-a-school will integrate multiple courses, like English and history or science and business, into one class.  

Technology-rich Environment

Through a technology-rich environment, teachers and students create, communicate, access information, and experience self-directed learning. Each student is assigned a personal Chromebook, and an online learning platform supports project-based learning.  

College- and Career-Ready

As they move on to Valley High School, students will graduate with the skills and knowledge that allow them to be creative and productive citizens in a global society and be college and career ready.

At Valley Southwoods Freshman High School, students will be active problem solvers and creators.

Learn More!

Learn more about project-based learning and how you can be a part of this innovative learning approach at www.wdmcs.org/academics/new-tech/.