Tiger Field Renovation Update

The $3.3 million renovation of Valley High School’s Tiger Field is expected to be completed mid-November.

The track surfacing was recently completed and striping will begin the week of Oct. 31. The new synthetic multi-purpose field was recently tested for its shock-absorption properties, which tested at an average value of 104.86, well within the requirement of 160 or less.

Tiger Field serves as a physical education and competition space for high school students during the day. Seasonal sports and local groups use the field in the evening and on weekends.

The field renovation project also includes:

  • new sports field lighting;
  • new bleachers and press box;
  • new long jump runways;
  • and the addition of two new shot put rings.

Due to damage to water lines west of the new field, the district will install a new irrigation system, which is an addition to the original project.

The district is paying for the Tiger Field renovation project with sales tax funds, which cannot pay for general fund expenses like teacher and staff salaries or educational programming.