Third-graders Ethan Stemler, Cade Sunde, and Nick Hisel enjoy the "Rock the Walk" fundraiser.

Life in the WDMCS 5/6/2016

Life in the WDMCS is a weekly feature that highlights what is happening at each of our buildings. If a school is not listed, there was no submission from that building this week.

Clive Learning Academy
Clive Learning Academy fifth-graders have been building their own robots. They designed each robot to specific criteria and constraints, before testing the robots and sketching modifications. They also got to learn from West Des Moines Robotics Club representatives on April 14.

West Des Moines Community Schools Board of Education member and Drake University professor Dr. Jill Johnson presented to fourth-graders at Clive Learning Academy on March 29. She taught them about tailoring a presentation to a specific audience and talked about planning.

Clive Learning Academy has been celebrating National School Library Month. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade have taken part in activities like making their own bookmarks, estimating the total number of books in the library, collaboratively working on an over-sized coloring page, and coding on their Chromebooks. Students also decorated hearts that state why they love their school library.

Crestview School of Inquiry
Crestview School of Inquiry fourth-graders have been working on books about the five regions of the United States. As part of their unit, they invited Laura Jensen-Kimball, author of “Momster,” to talk about the writing process.

Sixth-grade students at the Crestview School of Inquiry experienced the Amazing Chemistry Show as part of their Chemical Interactions unit on April 8. They learned about atoms and molecules and experimented with dry ice during the fun and interactive presentation, and one student even got to try out a hover board.

Fifth-grade Extended Learning Program students at Crestview School of Inquiry concluded a unity on probability by designing a fun fair for second-grade students. The fifth-graders learned to evaluate theoretical probability vs. experimental probability, use tree diagrams to determine outcomes, and tweak games to make them more or less fair. To show their learning, they created the fun fair, matching the prizes to the probability of winning.

Crossroads Park Elementary
Crossroads Park Elementary fifth-graders attended Exercising Your Character at Hy-Vee Hall on April 14. They danced were 30 minutes, ate lunch, and learned about goals, fitness, and character.

Fifth-grade students at Crossroads Park Elementary toured the Capitol and the State Historical Building on April 4. One class met and talked with Governor Branstad for a few minutes.

Hillside Elementary
Hillside Elementary kindergartners used magnifying glasses to look at different objects and decide if they were seeds or not. They will plant one item they identified as a seed and one item they categorized as not a seed, before observing the plantings and checking their progress.

More than 100 attend the Hillside Soccer Club each Saturday to learn skills and drills from Drake University soccer players through Opportunity on Goal, a local non-profit organization. The students also get to play a game each week to try out their new talents.

Jordan Creek Elementary
Jordan Creek Elementary held its third annual “Rock the Walk” fundraiser on April 15. Students, staff, and family members all enjoyed the beautiful weather outdoors as they walked, ran, and danced around the track and completed different activities.

Indian Hills Junior High
Eighth-grader students from Indian Hills Junior High attended the Taking the Road Less Traveled career exploration conference through the Iowa State University Program for Women in Science and Engineering on April 6. They attended career awareness sessions and took part in interactive sessions.

Stilwell Junior High
The Communications Media class from Stilwell Junior High toured KCCI on April 12. They were able to see the studio and even sit behind the anchor desk.

Valley High School
Valley High School students learned from a variety of different professionals at the Central Iowa Apprenticeship Coordination Committee’s Construction Careers and Education Expo on April 14. Students got to drive a full-size crane, run different jackhammers, use virtual welders and auto body painters, and walk on a steel I-beam.

Sophomore J.J. Kapur took third place in the Original Oratory category at the national speech and debate Tournament of Champions. The tournament is one of two prestigious national debate final events that take place each year and is the largest in the nation. Senior Danielle Reyes also ranked in the top 20 in Lincoln-Douglas debate.