A poster for the Valley Spring Play 2015-16, James and the Giant Peach

Valley Presents “James and the Giant Peach”

ValleySpringPlayPoster-1516Valley High School’s Theater Department presents “James and the Giant Peach,” a family-friendly stage adaptation of the children’s book by popular author Roald Dahl.

Directed by Valley Drama Director Stacy Hansen, “James and the Giant Peach” follows a lonely 9-year-old orphan who has lived with his ghastly aunties, Sponge and Spiker, ever since his parents met their fate in the mouth of a rampaging rhinoceros. When he accidentally spills magical crocodile tongues on the ground near a barren peach tree in his yard, it grows a single, house-sized peach. Kid-sized insects welcome James into the peach and accompany him on a fantastic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

The play features junior Kamden Lee as James, senior Jake Wheeler as Old Green Grasshopper, senior Sarah Clarke as Miss Spider, junior Jared Fisher as Centipede, senior Matthew Hrdlicka as Earthworm and senior Lily DeTaeye as Lady Bird. More than 125 Valley High School students and staff make up the rest of the cast, crew and musicians, with senior Kathryn Catellier as head stage manager, senior Sam Berry as master carpenter and junior Catie Judge as master electrician. A full cast and crew list can be found below.

Performances are at 7 p.m. on April 29 and 30, and at 2 p.m. on May 1, in the Staplin Performing Arts Center, Valley High School, 3650 Woodland Ave., West Des Moines. Tickets are $7 and $10, and can be purchased through MIDWESTIX at www.midwestix.com or by calling 515-244-2771.

This play is presented through special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.




 James: Kamden Lee (Understudies: Emma Bohn, Marco Masteller)

Old Green Grasshopper: Jake Wheeler (Understudy: Katie Derouin)

Miss Spider: Sarah Clarke (Understudy: Zoe Ella Anderson)

Centipede: Jared Fisher (Understudy: Evan Cooper)

Ladybird: Lily DeTaeye (Understudy: Kylie Miller)

Earthworm: Matthew Hrdlicka (Understudy: Olivia Ramaekers)

Aunt Sponge: Derek Lutt (Understudy: Marisa Rethman)

Aunt Spiker: Nico Mulhern (Understudy: Bre Eigenheer)

Old Woman: Pearl Tate (Understudies: Maddie Hansen, Liz Lau)

Old Woman’s Assistant: Miller McCoy

Captain of The Queen Mary: Anthony Reno

First Officer: Zac Johnson

Second Officer: Carter Burmester

The Peach: Anthony Alvarado

Mariachi Band: Dominic Cravero, Mariah Mann, Olympia Manning

The Mayor: Dillion Hoyt

Tour Guides/T.V. Reporters: Taylor Denman, Isabelle Fidler, Ashley Gettinger, Sharissa Patanapanich, Madison Stegman, Maren Tuttle

NYC Philharmonic/Sea: Emma Bohn, Catherine Christian, Evan Cooper, Ryan Jones, Collin Reeves, Andy Thompson

Aunts/Sailors: Carter Burmester, Ethan Glenn, Zac Johnson, Evan Larsen, Keegan McCullough, Anthony Reno

Millionaires/Beggars/Peach Tourists: Logan Benson, Kyra Casper, Courtney Graham, Sydney Sheffield, Mara Smith, Elena Soto, Heather Stout, Maddy Swaim

Fashionistas/Peach Kids/Sharks: Preston Hayes, Emma Ksiazak, Nic Lovan, Marco Masteller, Olivia Ramaekers, Owen Snyder, Jack Standefer

Peach Tourists/Rhino/Octopus: Becca Dorsett, Bre Eigenheer, Paige Marshall, Angelina Mullican, Lauren Russo, Lizbeth Salinas-Reyes, Masha Smirnova, Liz Lau

New Yorkers/Seagulls: Zoe-Ella Anderson, Abigail Colby, Katie Derouin, Maddie Hansen, Lauren Johnson, Meta Miller, Anna Peterzalek, Kate Raridon, Marisa Rethman

NYC Skyline/Sea Creatures: Emily Carr, Kailey Casper, Sarah Estes, Kylie Miller, Camille Mireault, Anna Wood

NYC Skyline/Clouds: Thomas Bonus, Dawson Edwards, Jack Ohringer, Garrett Wheeler

NYC Police/Weather: Faith Breiholz, Jack Johnson, Jackson LaFleur, Dion Manuel, Alainna McAuliff, Natalie Segura, Rebecca Stockholm, Ann Thomas

Peach Tourists/Traffic: Sam Allbee, Millo Fosado, Quinn Fox, Olivia Hansen, David Hettmann, McKenzie Michael, Lillian Poulsen


Director: Stacy Hansen

Assistant Director: Linda Crose

Technical Director: Amanda Pichler

Choreographer: Megan Helmers

Head Stage Manager: Kathryn Catellier

Assistant Stage Managers: Brillian Qi-Bell, Cheyenne Raney, Katie Ringgenberg, Amy Wickenkamp

Head Production Assistants: Connor McCarville, Nora Raine

Production Design Team: Grace Basler, Kiona Dodson, Mia Klaric

Publicity Lead: Jamie Hanson

Publicity Team: Millo Fosado, Morgan Pech, Sam Shea, Zach Wright

Costume Lead: Grace Axman

Costume Team: Ali Davis, Macayla Smith, Emily Steimel, Isabella Vettese

Props Lead: Grant Hillenbrand

Props Team: Sadie Baker, Kiona Dodson, Taylor Johnson, Brandi Marlett

Makeup Lead: Grace Pollack

Makeup Team: Grace Basler, Mia Klaric, Kathryn Rozanek

Dramaturg: Julie Sisler

Master Carpenter: Sam Berry

Assistant Master Carpenter: Cody Thompson

Master Electrician: Catie Judge

Assistant Master Electricians: Ben Burright, Zachary Pitts

Light Board Operator: Sarah Freund

Master Paint Charge: Reid Epstein

Assistant Paint Charge: Bree Cole, Quinn Herbert

Sound Board Operator: Rob Kristan

Fly Rail Operators: Jo Craven, Beth Hammond, Zach Netteland,

Run Crew Chief SL: Abi Whitford

Run Crew Chief SR: Mary Scout Cole-Duvall

Spotlight Operators: Tyler Beveridge, Catie Judge

Technicians: Chase Brown, Luke Dawson, Bre Eigenheer, Leann Grandia, Lizzie Napier, Zach Pitts, Katie Reha, Aaron Reno, Blake Richards, Dani Roth, Luke Rustin, Susan Vu, Justine Williamson