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Committee Plans Expansion of New Tech at WDMCS

An advisory team has been meeting since January to plan the district’s expansion of the district’s New Tech learning model to the high school level.

Specifically, the team is working to answer questions including the following:

  • Should New Tech at the high school level be a school-within-a-school model OR should it be a separate New Tech high school?
  • Will students be able to passport out to take classes through the traditional high school such as AP or foreign language courses?
  • Do we require an internship or service learning credits as part of graduation requirements?
  • How would students access co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities?
  • Do we cap New Tech numbers?
  • How do we address courses that have students from different grade levels in the course?
  • What are ideas for expanding and sustaining partnerships with area businesses for the purpose of student internship experiences?

The advisory team working on the answers is made up of parents, teachers, administrators, board members, university and community college representatives, community members, and business leaders.

The goal is to have a plan in place for eighth-grade New Tech students as they register for ninth-grade classes in January 2017 for the 2017-18 school year.

WDMCS is the first school district in the state to offer New Tech schools, where students learn through real-world community-based projects and all children are assigned a personal digital device.

To learn more about New Tech, visit www.wdmcs.org/academics/new-tech/.