Back side of a yellow school bus

Winter Weather and Bus Safety

School busWinter weather means extra caution is needed on the road, especially when it comes to transporting children. The WDMCS transportation department wants to remind all district families of the safety procedures it follows to make sure students remain safe while riding and getting on and off the bus.

Procedures include:

  1. Extra training for bus drivers. All drivers receive training in maintaining traction, driving at reduced speeds, being prepared for unexpected weather condition changes, and increased following distance.
  2. Taking care of the diesel fuel bus engines. It is important to maintain the correct fuel mixture to prevent gelling in cold conditions. The transportation department also plugs in the buses in the winter to keep the oil warm so they consistently start in cold weather.
  3. Teaching students about bus stop safety. While this is always important, it is especially emphasized in the winter months. Drivers will review safety tips, like waiting 10 feet back from the curb and not running to the bus when it arrives, with students.

If weather conditions are severe, there are four main transportation alternatives:

  1. Delay bus routes by a designated time.
  2. Delay school opening time.
  3. Early dismissal. When weather conditions deteriorate during the day, students will be returned via normal bus routes unless otherwise announced.
  4. School closure. Inability to operate the majority of the buses because of weather conditions will require school closure or a delay in starting time.

In each of these cases, buses may run late. If you have any questions or concerns about winter weather procedures, please contact the transportation department at 515-633-4902.