Poster for Communication 411 and Connect with the WDMCS

Connect with the WDMCS: Communication 411

Staying connected with district happenings is a great way to be engaged in your student’s education. Use these resources to help keep your student and your family connected to life in the West Des Moines Community Schools.

The Informaline is the district newsletter. It is emailed to all district parents the Monday opposite each school board meeting and posted on the district blog on the website, with some schools providing printed copies. It is provided in English and Spanish.

  • Virtual Backpack
    • The Virtual Backpack is included as part of the Informaline every other Monday, but can be accessed on the district website at any time. The Virtual Backpack contains electronic flyers and information about district and community opportunities for students and families.

Infinite Campus
Infinite Campus is a helpful online tool West Des Moines Community Schools parents can use to access their students’ grades, attendance, and more, depending on the student’s grade level.

Make sure your preferred information is entered in Infinite Campus to receive school closing announcements, district alerts, and school newsletters and announcements.

Find out more about entering your information and using Infinite Campus with your child.

District Website
The district website,, is a great place to find information about district life, school news, announcements, alerts, and links to other resources.


  • Front-page tabs
    • There are five tabs along the left side of the website front page: District, Students, Parents, Staff, and Newcomers. For information and news tailored to you, click the tab that best represents your role in the district. The Students, Parents, and Staff tabs all have featured articles, timely pieces with important information. The featured articles change periodically, so it’s smart to check the tabs consistently. You can always check the other tabs as well.


  • Top tabs
    • There are also tabs across the top of the website front page. Our District, Academics, Departments, and Schools are all linked to general pages on those topics. They also feature drop-down menus that will lead you to individual pages about subtopics in those categories. The Parents, Students, and Staff tabs at the top are another way to access useful  information and links designed to meet your needs.

District Calendar
The district calendar should be your first source of information when it comes to district events.

  • Online
    • The most up-to-date version of the district calendar is online. The most current dates and times provided by our schools should be reflected here. You can see all events by going to the full calendar; school events are also listed on the right side of each school’s page. Valley events are often seen in the slideshow on the school page.
  • Calendar at a Glance
    • The Calendar at a Glance is also provided on the website in English and Spanish. It is a one-page printable calendar and list of district highlights like breaks, days without school, and the last day of school. It also shows when snow days will be made up, if necessary.
  • Printed
    • The printed calendar was provided to all families during registration in the fall. It uses event information that was provided the past summer, so it is wise to double-check details on the website. It also includes information about the school schedules, transportation, school contact information, and more. Extra copies are available at the Learning Resource Center, 3550 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines. Copies may also be available at your school.

Social Media
The WDMCS district and schools have an active social media presence. Finding and following the district and your school on social media can be a great conversation starter about social media safety for your family. More social media tips for families can be found on the district website.

School Newsletters and Daily Announcements
Many schools in the district have a school newsletter, daily announcements, or both. Keep an eye on your email to receive notices of newsletters and daily announcements. Your email must be in Infinite Campus to receive these emails. Please contact your school or read these instructions for updating your information in Infinite Campus.

Life in the WDMCS
Life in the WDMCS is a weekly news post on the district website that shares quick stories and photos about district happenings, provided by each school. It is often used as a photo source for the Des Moines Register. District families can view the post as another way to keep up with district and school happenings. Visit the district website for the latest issue.