Eat, Compete, and Have Fun!

Elementary Pupils Collecting Healthy Lunch In CafeteriaFrom Oct. 12-19, the WDMCS district will be celebrating the school lunch program with National School Lunch Week.

The week will emphasize the healthy foods that are offered daily at our schools and include fun lunchtime activities for students and their families.

Here’s how we are celebrating:

Have Lunch With Your Child! at elementary schools all week

  • Parents are encouraged to visit school and eat lunch with their elementary-aged children. Each school will also host a police officer and Valley student-athletes in their uniforms who will eat with students.

Fun Games with Food Prizes! at Indian Hills Oct. 13, Stilwell Oct. 12, and Southwoods Oct. 15

  • Nutrition employees will visit these schools with nutrition trivia and estimation games. Winner of the “How Many in the Jar?” contest will receive a la carte credit, and students who participate in trivia will get a free sample of a smoothie or mini-bagel pizza bite.Stickers will also be placed on random trays. Students with the stickered trays can collect a free a la carte item.

Special Pizza Delivery! at Valley Oct. 14 and Walnut Creek Oct. 16

  • Nutrition employees will visit Valley High School and Walnut Creek Campus with activities, and students will also get a special meal. Domino’s Pizza will deliver special Domino’s pizzas that meet school lunch guidelines! It will be served as part of a reimbursable lunch or an a la carte item.

Please join us in celebrating National School Lunch Week, Oct. 12-19!