A feature image with two girls holding a phone titling Top Five Ways to Stay Informed

Top Five Ways to Stay Informed This Year

Welcome back! As we start the 2015-16 school year, we want to give you an overview of the best ways to stay informed!

District Website
Keep an eye on this website: www.wdmcs.org! You’ll find new information and stories on the front page and tabs, and each school’s site will show school news.

Many schools have daily announcements that will arrive as emails sent directly to your inbox. You will also get newsletter notices and other updates.

Some schools also have newsletters. Watch your email, the district website, and your student’s backpack for the most current issue.

Facebook and Twitter
The district is on Facebook and Twitter! Each school has its own Facebook page, and some are on Twitter. Like or follow us on these platforms to see feature articles, news items, and updates about life in the district. Some Twitter accounts to follow:

Instagram and Pinterest
We are also connecting with you in two new places! Find us on Instagram @wdmcs_district to see photos of district life. We’d also love to see your Pins, so check out our Pinterest boards on Back-to-School, Reading Tips, and more from WDMCS District!