The Valley Teachers flash mob One Day More! in the Valley PAC

Staff Welcome Back Event Flash Mob is Awesome

Those of you who got see it in person are lucky. Everyone else is scrambling to share it, like it, and tell us how much they appreciated it!

The “One Day More” parody flash mob performed at the Staff Welcome Back Event last week has “inspired districts across our nation,” according to one Facebook commenter from New York. It has been featured on local news, the “Today” show,, in “American Theatre Magazine,” and on “The Washington Post” website, among others. Thank you and congratulations to the talented WDMCS employees who made this happen, especially Greg Hudson and Superintendent Dr. Lisa Remy!

The video and full parody lyrics can also be found on YouTube, where it has surpassed 3 million views. The performers are, in alphabetical order:

Deb Augspurger, Cheryl Bergman, Susan Bishop, Shelley Bohn, Jeanne Caldwell, Cassie Carpenter, Tamara Dark, Allyson Day, Ryan Deignan, Tory DeVries, Kathy Gedler, Clint Gentry, Haley Gibbons, Jessica Graves-Butler, Amy Hachmann, Kelly Hensley, Tyson Heuton, Heather Hope, Greg Hudson, Kelsey Hudson, Shannon Johnson, Adam Kent, Mary Kimpston, Brenda Kirschman, Heather Nail, Nick Nelsen, Ryan Penning, Wade Petersen, Amanda Pichler, Lisa Remy, Char Schueler, Carol Seid, Karen vanOostenrijk, Christie Wicks, and William Bird

Every district building was represented in the flash mob. If there are any missing flash mob participants, please email

Coverage of the flash mob:

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ABC News
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The Washington Post

  • The YouTube video has been viewed more than 3 million times (yes, we’re excited).
  • The Facebook post has reached more than 190,000 people.
  • Tweets about the flash mob have been seen more than 50,000 times.

(Featured image photo credit: David Perrigo)