Kindergarten children eating lunch

School Menus Update

The WDMCS Nutrition Department is proud to announce an exciting update to the WDMCS district’s school menus!

A new software program provides parents and students with additional information about the district’s food-service menus.

Starting in February, all menus will be available at Nutrislice will offer:

  • More information about each food, including a photo, nutrition facts, and description
  • A FREE app for iPhone and Android – School Lunch by Nutrislice
  • A mobile website
  • And you can still print a PDF of the menu by visiting the menus website above.

To access our menus, download our free smartphone app or check out our new menus website,

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures and descriptions of all items may not be yet available, but will be coming soon.

We hope you’ll check out our new menus and let us know what you think!