Hillside first-grade ELL students unwrap Hershey kisses to put in the middle of their candy pretzels.

Life in the WDMCS 12/23/14

Life in the WDMCS is a weekly feature that highlights what is happening at each of our buildings. If a school is not listed, there was no submission from that building this week.

Clive Elementary

The 73rd Street Singers choir performed in the Clive gym the evening of Dec. 18. They also performed for the entire school the morning of Dec. 19. These were the choir’s first concerts this year. Choir members performed fast and upbeat songs as well as slower, ballad selections. Two of the songs were from the Disney movies “Polar Express” and “Frozen.” Members wear choir T-shirts during performances and these upper-grade students rehearse in the music room on Friday mornings.

Clive music students had the opportunity to play African drums during the middle of October and first part of November. They played several different rhythm patterns. The African drums are rotated throughout the district schools in the music classrooms. Students were excited and enjoyed playing African drums.

Crestview Elementary

Crestview is committed to making math come alive for all students. Crestview’s Title I math teachers, Courtney Johnson and Ann Reynolds, work with first- through fourth-grade students who need a little extra help with understanding math concepts. Title I is intended to ensure that all children, regardless of their backgrounds, acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed.

One resource Johnson and Reynolds recommend to staff, students and families is the free web site www.gregtangmath.com. Staff and students may access games and worksheets there to supplement their math curriculums and develop better computational and problem-solving skills. The web site has ongoing games as well as seasonal online math competitions for students around the world to enjoy. Details for the winter challengewere recently released on the website. These activities are designed to keep kids excited about math throughout the holidays.

Additionally, our school library has a number of Greg Tang math books and countless math-related books for students to check out any time. Games and manipulatives are also available for classroom use, many of which have been purchased with Title 1 funds.

Hillside Elementary

Hillside first-grade ELL students did some baking. They enjoyed making candy pretzels using pretzels, Hershey kisses and M&Ms. Not only did they learn how to make a fun and easy treat, but they learned some new vocabulary that they are not exposed to every day.

Jordan Creek Elementary

The Jordan Creek fifth- and sixth-grade orchestra students, under the direction of Matthew Meyer, performed their winter concert in the new Performing Arts Center at Valley High School earlier this month. The concert showcased nearly 300 students from across the district. The sixth-grade performance was highlighted by “Sweet Petite Winter Suite” by Brian Balmages. The suite pays tribute to favorite winter treats such as candy canes, peppermint bark and gingerbread men. The fifth-grade performance was highlighted by a terrific rendition of “Dragon Slayer” written by Rob Grice. All of the students worked really hard this past fall to prepare for this concert. The concert was a huge success in front of a capacity audience at the Performing Arts Center. Kudos to the Jordan Creek orchestra students.