Westridge kindergartners enjoyed a turkey dinner before Thanksgiving.

Life in the WDMCS 12/16/14

Life in the WDMCS is a weekly feature that highlights what is happening at each of our buildings. If a school is not listed, there was no submission from that building this week.

Clive Elementary

On Nov. 25, all of the sixth-graders in the district came together for the annual sixth-grade Steve France volleyball tournament. The tournament was held in the gymnasium at Valley High School. The girls were scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. and the boys followed at 12:30 p.m. Our Clive Tiger girls’ team finished in third place and also took home the Sportsmanship Award. Our Clive Tiger boys played impressively and fun was had by all who attended.

Crestview Elementary

Twelve sixth-graders from Crestview spent Dec. 9 at the University of Iowa. They were able to experience a day on campus in hopes of sparking their excitement about college. The students were able to work on an engineering project, eat lunch in the dorms, talk about how important education after high school is, and get a private tour of Carver Hawkeye Arena.

Crestview fifth-graders Adriana Cao, Madeline Dobesh and Kaylyn Le recently finished reading and reporting on this year’s collection of Iowa Children’s Choice Award nominees. Adriana’s favorite is “Ninth Ward” by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Madeline’s choice is “Pie” by Sarah Weeks and Kaylyn selected “Inside Out and Back Again” by Thanhha Lai. The girls agreed they plan to not only re-read a number of the ICCA books just for fun, but also plan to read this year’s Iowa teen books as well. Congratulations!

Fifth-grade students have been studying Colonial America. They have examined multiple theories on the lost colony of Roanoke and the Salem witch trials to form opinions on what actually happened. Students are currently learning about the three regions of the 13 original colonies and will compare and contrast using a Triple Venn Diagram. They will also be learning about what life was like for the early colonists. Later in the unit, students will be discussing the components of the slave trade and write an informative piece while taking on the persona of someone involved in the trade.

Fairmeadows Elementary

The third-graders “jazzed” up the holidays with performances of their “Jingle Bell Jazz” program Dec. 4. The concert included a little jazz, a little folk dancing and some of our favorite Disney tunes. There was one performance at 3 p.m. for the Fairmeadows students and another at 6:30 p.m. for family and friends.

Jordan Creek Elementary

Students recently visited JA Biztown. Sixth-grader Abby Bishop shared her experience: If I had to think of one word to describe Biztown, I would say teamwork. Everything we do requires teamwork. We had to communicate with others. If we didn’t work together our business would fall apart. I worked in the publishing center as the CFO and boy, that wasn’t easy! If I hadn’t conversed with my CEO or other employees, the business would have failed. Also, we didn’t take things that seriously, it was OK for us to have fun. In fact, I think that’s what motivated all of us in the end. The music was really helpful. It helped us get into the spirit of things (plus it was pretty fun to show off some of our dance moves)! Everybody was very friendly at the beginning, we were all so excited to begin our businesses. At the end I think everybody could agree they were a little grumpy. We were quite tired after a long day of work (and I must admit it is so weird to say that!) and ready to take a nice, long nap. All in all the day was very fun and worth every minute we spent preparing. If there is one thing I would change I would say we would continue Biztown for a week. After this “real life” experience I know I have a ton more sympathy for adults. I think every sixth-grade kid does, too. Thank you so much to the JA Biztown staff, parent volunteers and teachers who worked tirelessly to put this idea into action!

Fourth-graders at Jordan Creek rang bells to collect donations for the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign during the week of Dec. 1. Staff and students demonstrated the pillar of citizenship and raised $1,010.57.

Westridge Elementary

On Nov. 25, the kindergarten classes feasted on a delicious turkey dinner provided by kindergarten families. Parents provided turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, fruit/vegetables and cookies. The kindergarten students made homemade butter and had a great time feasting with friends. Thanks to the families for help with providing the meal, setting up and cleaning up.

Stilwell Junior High

Stilwell’s Team I students learned about and celebrated Iowa Nov. 25 with a tour of the Hall of Pride and participated in a lot of fun-filled and informative activities. The students then walked the downtown skywalk system and went to Kaleidoscope at the Hub for lunch. The students headed back to Stilwell to watch the movie “Field of Dreams,” which was filmed in Iowa. The day ended with celebrations of Team I’s own success stories by focusing on those with outstanding participation in school activities and applauding those students who made the team A and B honor rolls. Those students receiving academic recognition for their school work on the Team I are as follows: Diane Aucoin, Emily Alvarado, Krystian Bajorek, Emily Bartusek, Rose Blobaum, Hanna Boeckenstedt, Lizzie Brackett, Payton Bumgardener, Lawrence Byerly, Lexi Chesly, Nairyha Claiser, Payton Colbert, Nick Compiano, Payton Cooper, Don Cordova, Dahlia Cutler, Shakira Delemre, Karsen Duve, Madeline Ehrle, Austin Ellingson, Austin Emans, Jaden Finn, Kevin Flores, Chloe Franklin, Makayla Gallentine, Regan Gaskill, Will Golay, Erika Gomez, Gunner Hawthorne, Collin Henrichsen, Drew Hettman, Tommy Hewitt, Maria Hoffart, Ana Johnson, Cooper Johnson, Nora King, Austin Kraemer, Logan Krausman, Andrew Laybon, Erin Lowe, Andrew Lutz, Emilia Macedo, Cameron McCauley, Jacob McLaughlin, Tyler Majeres, Carlyn Mann, Hailey Mendenhall, Isaac Mercer, Taylor Neal, James Meng, Nick Meyers, Jessica Olander, Ellie Peters, Evan Pflughaupt, Linh Pham, Caitlyn Potter, Cynthia Quito Pizarro, Nyah Rieckhoff, Jack Roush, Jesus Ruiz-Ugalde, Max Schatzberg, Chloe Schoepke, Owen Schulte, Zoe Shaffer, Mason Shrum, Hunter Stevens, Tyler Sturdevant, Conal Thomas-McGinnis, Eisha Tolson, Radha Velamuri, Amariah Williams, Zoey Warren, Kyle Westhoff, Rachel Wrenn and Tinsley Wright.

Valley High School

Several students were recently recognized as Tiger Pause winners. The program awards students who display “noble acts of character.” The winners, listed with comments from their nominations forms, are:

Angui Akok noticed another student’s iPad fell out of his backpack one day as he passed in the hall. Upon retrieving it, he could not keep up with the student and lost vision of him in the crowd. Instead of being selfish, he took it to the office and described the student as best he could. It would be easy to say Angui did what he should have done, which is true. Many would not have done so, however; he did so without hesitation.

Hanayka Bacilio reached out and became a supportive and helpful peer to another girl in class that needed help and didn’t have friends to ask. She has befriended classmates and helped create a positive environment.

Grace Barker is guided by the principles of care, concern, and compassion for others. Grace exudes optimism and radiates pure sunshine. She smiles at the world and simply the world smiles back at her.

Ali Baumann gave pink streamers to classmates to make them a part of the action. Elli Beardsley is described by her job supervisor as one of his best employees. She is reliable, friendly, and a problem-solver. Her positive spirit and kind heart is contagious. She gave pink streamers to some classmates at a football game to make them a part of the action.

Hanna Bush goes beyond to help others, to serve others, to take care of others. She serves up optimism, compassion and sensitivity with zest, with energy and with genuine care. She truly finds joy in every day and every human encounter.

Candice Cameron volunteers to bring the class set of newspapers that we use daily from the library to my room every morning before she goes to her first-period class.

Emily Conard mentors an ESL student in her Language Arts class.

Jon Danos gave up a Saturday night to volunteer for the Neighbor to Neighbor Foundation painting walls.

Emily Foertch gave up a Saturday night to volunteer for the Neighbor to Neighbor Foundation painting walls.

Nick Fox turned in an ID that belonged to an employee at Unity Point Health offices.

Whitney Fuller gave pink streamers to classmates to make them a part of the action.

Daly Hardy is a young lady with a huge heart. She is all about the small things that make a big difference. She is a leader behind the scenes on a regular basis. I am a better person for knowing her.

Caitlyn Lennon gave up a Saturday night to volunteer for the Neighbor to Neighbor Foundation painting walls.

Sam Manning is a go-to student during our #choose2matter project. He has the ability to lift other’s spirits and confidence with his kind words. I have watched him encourage others to be brave.

Ellen Reed is always showing concern to and attempting to help a fellow student.

Will Rodruck is kind and helps out a few students who struggle in class.

Ariadna Ruiz Ugalde is a lovely student who does so much to help the current ESL students. She assists them with assignments, translates, reads aloud and so much more.

Emma Sink gave up a Saturday night to volunteer for the Neighbor to Neighbor Foundation painting walls.

Evan Westman always has a positive attitude and is willing to help out wherever. Does a great job interacting with all the students in class and is smiling constantly. He brings an enthusiasm for school that rubs off on those around him.

Bronwyn Wright is passionate about helping ESL students feel welcome as well as making their experience at Valley positive. In many ways, she is an ESL ambassador.