5 Tips for Tweeting Your Way to the Top

What would the world be like without social media? Your parents could tell you, but Generations Y and Z have grown up in an era of sharing online. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine – it’s just what you do.

But where exactly are all of your thoughts and photos going? Just to your friends and followers? Not quite. Most of your parents follow you, but so are the local TV, radio and print media. Case in point: Local radio personality Trent Condon tagging VHS football players on game night.


Tweets can follow you after the big game, too. Recently, the Iowa State basketball team took a break from Twitter because of the attention players were receiving.

More and more colleges and universities are looking to students’ social media profiles as part of their entrance criteria – and denying student applications because of what they find.

But you can just delete it, right? Sure, but can you contact all of your followers who re-Tweeted and favorited to delete it as well? Do you think the Library of Congress will go through its archives for you? Probably not.

We’ve come up with five tips for students to make sure your social media profiles will get you where you want to be.

  • news-social-media-on-benchThink before you post. If you wouldn’t say it out loud in front of your parents, think twice about posting it.
  • Be yourself. Don’t let others antagonize you into posting things you know are wrong and go against your character.
  • Use your power for good. Let the world know all of the great things you come across on a daily basis. If you see negativity, check them on it.
  • Brag. Get a good grade? Got a part in the play? Let the world know about it!
  • Network. Think about where your life will go after high school and interact with colleges, businesses or community leaders you admire. But remember…they’ll be following you back!