District Researches New Tech School Concept

During the upcoming school year, the parents, teachers, city representatives, business leaders and school board members will research a new way to structure classrooms and support learning in the district.

The district is studying the New Tech school design, which provides an instructional approach centered on project-based learning, a culture that empowers students and teachers, and integrates technology in the classroom.

If implemented, the WDMCS would be the first district in the state of Iowa to use the New Tech model.

At the school board’s July 14 workshop, WDMCS Superintendent Dr. Lisa Remy said four key areas of the district’s strategic plan are addressed in the New Tech design.

These include:

  • personalized learning,
  • flexible/differentiated learning,
  • community outreach,
  • technology infusion and
  • partnerships.

During visits she has made during the past year to New Tech schools in the Midwest, she saw students genuinely engaged in learning and working on hands-on projects affecting their communities.

“The New Tech model connects to our mission and shared vision of students thriving in a diverse and changing world,” Remy said.

No decisions have been made at this time regarding where or at what grade level the New Tech model would be implemented. If the district moves forward, it would sign a four-year $465,000 contract with New Tech for professional development and other startup costs.

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