State Selects WDMCS to Launch Teacher Leadership System

Teacher Leader Update




The West Des Moines Community Schools is one of 39 school districts selected to be the first in the state to launch a teacher leadership system in the 2014-15 school year.

Iowa Department of Education Announcement

 “This is exciting news for our district and for our teachers, who will now have increased opportunities for professional growth and leadership within the district,” said WDMCS Superintendent Dr. Lisa Remy. “Those who will benefit the most will be our students, as our teacher leaders help us move toward even greater student success.”

Remy thanked the members of the Teacher Leadership & Compensation Committee for their outstanding work to develop the leadership system and for securing $2.8 million annually specifically designated for the system. “The teachers, administrators and community members on the committee were truly collaborative and innovative,” she said.

The district will start work to implement the system within the month, said WDMCS Interim Associate Superintendent of Human Resources Carol Seid. “The outstanding efforts of our committee have set the framework and structure for the system, which we can now start to put in place. We are excited to move forward,” she added.

The Teacher Leadership & Compensation system offers our teachers the opportunity to take on leadership roles in the area of instruction and receive compensation for the increased responsibilities. The leadership roles include:

  • Building Leadership Team: Assists in identifying needs and plans for building professional development. Works with the principal, district teacher leaders and teh central office to move improvement plans forward.
  • District Leadership Team: Assists in identifying needs & plans for district professional development.
  • Professional Development/Curriculum Facilitator: Serves on District Leadership Team and other district teams; assists with professional development planning and implementation
  • Instructional Coaches: Works with teachers to use evidenced-based instructional practices and strategies to increase student achievement.
  • Demonstration Teacher/Coordinator: Opens his/her door for observations of lessons, lesson planning, etc.
  • Mentor Teachers: Supports new teachers as they enter the profession, observe, meet and work together for two or more years
  • Mentor Coordinator: Observes, provides training opportunities and feedback to new teachers and mentors
  • Learning Supports/Coordinator/Family School Engagement Coordinator: Supports teacher to identify needs of at-risk students and families; collaboratively implements strategies for increased student achievement; provides strategies to teachers to effectively engage families for increased student growth.

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