Two-Hour Delay – Wednesday, February 5 – No Early Release

Because of severe winter weather conditions, all schools will start two hours late Wednesday, February 5, 2014. There will be no early dismissal per Wednesday collaboration schedule.

  • There will be no morning preschool.
  • No Westridge half-day kindergarten.
  • Full-day kindergarten will start two-hours late district wide.
  • No morning activities or early bird classes.
  • Kids West will open at 8:30 a.m.
  • Busses will pick up students two hours after their normal pick-up time.
  • Walnut Creek Campus: Full-Day Students report at 11:20 a.m.; P.M. Students report at 11:46 a.m.; A.M. Students no school

Valley Southwoods Schedule

1st hour:               10:20am-10:53am  (33 minutes)
2nd hour:              10:56am-11:25am  (29 minutes)
5th hour:

  • A 11:25am-11:51am  (26 minutes + 4 minute passing period)
  • B 11:50am-12:16pm  (26 minutes + 4 minute passing period)
  • C 12:15pm-12:45pm  (26 minutes + 4 minute passing period)

3rd hour:               12:45pm-1:14pm  (29 minutes)
4th hour:               1:17pm-1:46pm  (29 minutes)
6th hour:               1:49pm-2:18pm  (29 minutes)
7th hour:               2:19pm-2:48pm  (29 minutes)
8th hour:               2:51pm-3:20pm  (29 minutes)

Valley High School Schedule

2st period 10:20-11:22
1L11:27-11:57 4P:12:02-1:06
4P:11:27-11:58 2L12:01-12:31 4P12:35-1:06
4P:11:27-12:31 3L12:36-1:06
6th period 1:11-2:13
8th period 2:18-3:20