Students Look to the Future at Biz Town

Sixth grader Sarah Amro interviews to be the bank CEO at Biz Town.

Sixth grader Sarah Amro interviews to be the bank CEO at Biz Town.

Sixth graders across the district are getting some real-life experience as they prepare for a visit to Junior Achievement Biz Town.

A wide variety of jobs are available for students to pick a career they would like to have in their new “city.” At JA Biz Town each student has a different job in one of the following businesses: city hall, bank, radio, magazine, financial center, utility/realty office, sports shop, restaurant, technology center, insurance agency and distribution center.

Clive Elementary sixth grader Sarah Amro chose her top job as CEO of the Biz Town Bank. “It seemed really fun to be able to do deposits and loans and work with people,” she explained.

Students must apply for the positions and go through interviews to be hired. A mayor and district attorney are also elected.

“At first the interview was really scary,” Amro said, “but then you kind of got into it and just answered all the questions.”

The life lessons don’t stop there. Once hired, students are required to budget their time and money while balancing their checkbooks. Employees must be paid and business loans repaid. Students must market and advertise their businesses in order to draw in customers and use their social skills to provide good customer service.

Daniel Pajazetovic, also a sixth grader at Clive, interviewed to be the district attorney and thinks that Biz Town will help him decide his career path.

“I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was six years old,” he explained. “When you go to JA Biz Town there’s a lot of experience there. If I do get picked for district attorney I really want to see how it is.”