Teacher Leadership Committee Hard at Work

Teacher Leader Update

Hard at Work

Members of the Teacher Leadership Committee met on Friday, Nov. 1 and on Tuesday, Nov. 5 to continue to:

  • review research about the different models of teacher leadership;
  • identify districts with teacher leadership models to visit in the state and the nation;
  • work in subgroups to begin preliminary development of the different parts of the implementation grant application.

The next committee meeting will be held on Nov. 15.


FAQ: How is this committee’s work being funded?

General Fund dollars are not used to fund this work. Instead, the district received funding through the state’s Teacher Leadership & Compensation Planning Grant. The purpose of this grant is to provide the resources necessary to facilitate a local planning process.

In 2013, the Iowa Legislature appropriated $3.5 million for planning grants that each school district can use to support efforts to develop a local teacher leadership and compensation plan. Each district requesting a planning grant will receive $5,000 plus $3.71 per student. The WDMCS received approximately $38,000.


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