Krois Selected as Winner of IHSSA Award

IHSSAThe Richard Riggleman Young Speech Coach Award was presented on October 19, 2013 at the Iowa High School Speech Association Coaches Convention.  This year’s recipient was Allison Krois,  IHSSA Speech Coach at Valley High School in West Des Moines.   Allison  is a graduate of Valley High School, in West Des Moines.

The Richard Riggleman Young Speech Coach Award has been established by Richard Riggleman of Deloit, Iowa to reward a second year IHSSA speech coach.  This award shall consist of $1,000 per year, renewable for two consecutive years, for a total of $3,000.  The Riggleman Award is the first of its kind that has been established with the IHSSA.  The profile of the recipient will reflect:  a commitment to coaching speech, large group events, individual events, and/or debate; demonstrate excellence in coaching speech; and have past experience in high school or college speech activities.  Mr. Riggleman was an active IHSSA coach for over 30 years and still remains very active with the IHSSA.  Richard Riggleman was inducted into the IHSSA Hall of Fame in 1994.

This year’s recipient, Allison Krois, is in her second year of teaching at Valley High School in West Des Moines.  Last year she was a first year educator at the Williamsburg Community School in Williamsburg Iowa.   She was involved in IHSSA activities as a student and continued her work in IHSSA activities with high school students during her college years.    In her first year of teaching and coaching  at Williamsburg High School her students were involved in IHSSA Large Group and Individual Events tournament.   That very first year she had several groups and student make the state contest as well as two groups receiving All-State nominations.

As Allison stated in her application, “In my first year of teaching I was so excited to share all my passion and experiences with my students. My excitement and nerves turned into determination and I was determined to give my students the best IHSSA speech experience possible.”

Her Principal Lynnell O’ Connor at Williamsburg said of Allison, “ I feel Allison’s greatest strength as a teacher is her willingness and desire to help students learn.  Her focus is on student achievement and excellence at all times. She holds all students to high standards and is willing to spend the extra time with students who need assistance. She is a great role model for the rest of our faculty.”

It is with pleasure that the IHSSA congratulates Allison Krois as the 19th  recipient of the Richard Riggleman Young Speech Coach Award.