Online Toolkit to Replace Registration CDs

wdmcs-color-logo-big.jpgRegistration will look a little different this year with the creation of the district’s Back to School Toolkit –

Previously, the information was provided to families on a CD. With new legal advice that now allows us to use our website to share legal and policy notifications, the CD will no longer be used. This allows us to save money and meet the request of parents for the online format.

“This has been something we have long wanted to put into action,” said Lauri Pyatt, the district’s school/community relations specialist. “We were very excited when we received approval from counsel and the state to provide these items to parents in the format they prefer.”

Parents/guardians are encouraged to visit the Back to School Toolkit to review school handbooks, district forms and brochures, plus more. They will be asked to sign a form confirming they have reviewed the information.

The free and reduced lunch application, which needs to be filled out each school year by qualifying families, is also available on the page.

If you prefer a printed copy or do not have access to the internet, please request printed handbooks and forms at your school. Printed copies will be available at each building.