Valley High School Senior Honor Students Recognized

Students in Valley’s Honors Program showcased their years of hard work with their senior exhibition.  Each honors students gave a thirty-minute presentation highlighting all of the work he/she had done in the program for the last four years.  The students showcased their resume, best works, and future plans. Each student’s presentation differed from another based on each student’s senior project, and high school experience.  This year projects ranged from the medical field, to volunteering, to creating new clubs and organizations in different schools throughout the district.  The senior project is typically started the summer before a student’s senior year, and is required.  While there are no specific categories for the projects, the area of work must be something the student is passionate about. Honors student Noel Do’s presentation was centered on the medical field, with a hospice care angle.  Do began volunteering for Iowa Lutheran Hospital with a group of high school students after school.  He was able to move his way up the ranks in the program, and leaner with members in his group. Do also had the opportunity to job shadow three different physicians in the Des Moines area and observe their interaction with patients. For the final section of his project, Do volunteered at HCI Care

Services.  He also completed the Des Moines University 141 course, which allows students to explore the different careers in medicine.  Just nine years ago, Do moved to the United States from Vietnam.  He managed to not only learn English, but French as well.  Do plans on attending the University of Iowa in the fall. Another honors student, Natasha Coult, came up with an idea to not only create an after school class for junior high students, but also to discover a way to create of sense of community within the class.  The class, INK, Writers Incorporated, was a writers’s workshop at Indian Hills Junior High.  She created a plan for each week of the six-week creative writing class.  Coult also made sure to incorporate students’ interest and tailor the class to their preferences.  Coult stated that there was a definite change in atmosphere from the first to last class, and that she believed she reached her goal of not only creating this writing class, but creating a sense of community as well.  While helping students at Indian Hills, Coult stated she also improved her own leadership and mentoring skills.  She will be attending Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University, in the fall. Other student projects included creating a mentoring program at the high school, and setting up a Meals from the Heartland service day

for students and faculty, to name a few. While the projects and students differed from one another, it is safe to say the one thing that remains the same is the level of talent all of the honors students posses.