Hip-Hop Artist Rahlo Returns to Hillside Elementary

Sixth grade students at Hillside Elementary had the opportunity to work and learn from hip-hop music artist Michael Porter, known as Rahlo, this week.

He met with the students Monday morning where he performed some of his songs, and gave them the opportunity to freestyle. He met with the sixth grade students over the course of three days and worked with them on writing their own lyrics and song.

Today all of Hillside Elementary came together to watch Rahlo and the students perform.  The assembly started with four sixth grade students reading the Robert Frost poem, “The Road Not Taken.”   Rahlo, with help from sixth grade teacher Erin Hunt, got all of the students involved by doing a call and return.  The students were able to listen to Rahlo rap, and be a part of the song.  Six students were selected to write alongside Rahlo and produce a song about legacy.  The students were able to perform together, and each gave a solo of the lyrics they had written.  The song will be recorded today, and given to the sixth grade students as a gift.  Rahlo explained to all of the students the meaning of legacy, and how the choices made now help determine destiny.  “Habits are very important.  Make sure you’re forming good ones,” Rahlo added.

There was also the opportunity for students to freestyle once again.  Several students came up and performed their personalized lyrics for the crowd, all talking about their idea of legacy.

This was not Rahlo’s first time at Hillside.  In 2010 he met with sixth grade students and also helped them write a song about their legacy.  Aside from performing and traveling, he also serves as husband and father.  He mentioned that his eight children have helped inspire several of his songs.

Hillside Elementary School follows the Artful Learning/Leonard Bernstein Center Model, which incorporates art into each component of learning.